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Finalist für den Innovation Hub Award 2021 - Cherryway IV

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Cherryway IV von Maf Roda ist Finalist bei den Innovation Hub Awards 2021 in der Kategorie Obst und Gemüse Industrie, die während der Fruit Attraction verliehen wurden.

The cutting-edge solution in cherries of the Maf Roda Group, the Cherryway IV and Cherryscan 7, is finalist in the Innovation Hub Awards 2021 at Fruit Attraction. Among more than 40 candidates, the Cherryway IV solution was one of the 6 finalists in the F&V Industry category.

"This recognition of the work of the entire team that makes up Maf Roda is one more motivation to continue betting on innovation and technological excellence," says Christophe Blanc, General Manager of the Maf Roda Group. "The needs of our customers are what moves us every day to look for better solutions to their problems, and definitely Cherryway IV together with Cherryscan 7 solve two of the biggest concerns that the cherry sector had been dragging".

The latest technological advances made by Maf Roda in its cherry lines allow to increase the productivity of post-harvest cherry plants. Cherryway IV technology combined with Cherryscan 7 have become indispensable for any cherry grower internationally. When we have to work with cherries, we have several added difficulties: the delicacy of the fruit and the long peduncle. These two problems are 100% solved with the Maf Roda lines.

The great technical improvements in Cherryway IV come with the new patented system of rotation in 4 moves. A complete novelty in the market that we had not seen before and that Maf Roda manufactures exclusively. The new system of bicones allows to make the necessary moves to scan the surface of the complete fruit avoiding the interference of the stem. This rotation is done completely automatically without the need for any mechanical adjustment. If this is not enough, the new bicones also provides a higher filling rate and increases production.

This new fruit rotation system improves fruit vision. It is a complete vision, including the apical area, and cleaner without interference of the stem and improves the monitoring of the peduncle. Cherryscan 7 significantly improves the accuracy in the external analysis of the fruit, and therefore the performance of the line.

The other major improvements of Cherryway IV lie in the reduction of impacts along the line, which preserves the quality of the fruit, and the new system of feeding barracks that minimize the entry of double fruits and reduces, therefore, the return of fruit. Transfers are much smoother. There are points on the line where the impact height has been reduced by up to 85 mm. This is a great step towards Maf Roda's commitment to maximum care of the fruit that preserves its quality.

One of the most important international cherry producers that has trusted Maf Roda for the installation of its new line of cherries is Frutas Espax. Its Commercial Director, Joan Espax, analyzed his experience: "With  the new Maf Roda cherry installation we have increased our productivity and efficiency considerably. The new Cherryway IV system has allowed us to analyze the entire surface of the cherry and thus maintain a premium and homogeneous quality in the final packaged fruit essential in the positioning of our product in the market."