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Mpac: almacén frigorífico adicional de kiwi

Zona geográfica .Oceanía

"Mpac construye 13,000m2 para la cámara fría de kiwi para cultivos adicionales"

por Nichola McGregor, publicación del boletín FreshPlaza, miércoles 20 de mayo de 2020

Extraiga la versión original del artículo de Nichola McGregor / FreshPlaza - Miércoles 20 de mayo de 2020

"Mpac - Mount Pack and Cool is a privately owned company which was formed in 2009 and has grown significantly since then, when it first started it was packing around 2 million trays of kiwifruit, these days the company packs over 12 million trays.

“In 2018 we built a new post-harvest facility for kiwifruit and just recently we have added to it by building 13,000m2 of cold storage to store the additional crop which is coming our way,” said Brendon Lee, General Operations Manager at Mpac."

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