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CHERRYWAY IV-Product of the year 2022 (Spain)

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CHERRYWAY IV cherry sizer from MAF RODA awarded as Product of the Year 2022 (Spain)

The CHERRYWAY IV cherry sizer has been a permanent success since its launch in 2021. This last 19th of May, it was awarded as Product of the Year by the Suplemento National Awards. A recognition for a technology that has been a great revolution amongst cherry growers.

MAF RODA Group specializes in the development and manufacturing of both post-harvest machinery and software. Fruit and vegetable processing plants are automated to reach maximum efficiency and productivity.

The CHERRYWAY IV and its 4-movement patented system have generated a great deal of interest in the cherry post-harvest sector. This innovative rotation system allows a full view of the fruit’s surface, including the apical area, and increases the efficiency of fault detection along the line.

The combination of this cherry sizer with the CHERRYSCAN G7 quality analysis system is an essential asset for those offering their clients consistent and homogeneous standards. With the rotation inclusion, the stem no longer interferes with the analysis and the cameras can capture "clean" images resulting in much more accurate sorting.

Offering state-of-the-art technology is MAF RODA's aim at all times. Hence, research is a constant activity at the R&D centers spread around the world. Once again, the importance of constant research and developments by post-harvest market leaders such as MAF RODA AGROBOTIC has been pinpointed with the resounding success of the sizer and the positive impact on the market.