Our values

All around the world, whether in our head office at Montauban or by way of our 15 subsidiaries, all our employees share and cultivate the founding values of the MAF RODA Group: passion, innovation, excellence and commitment.

These values structure daily our professional approach and invest the relations that we have fostered for over 50 years with our customers and our partners in our sector of activity.


This is manifestly an essential value, without which nothing great can be achieved, and it represents above all the capacity to push back our limits, to shake up the status quo, to keep going with dogged determination. It is the desire to design unique solutions and deploy them on a wave of enthusiasm.

This passion is at the heart of the MAF RODA enterprise spirit, and is a true driver of our activity, constituting a key and continuing asset in our global success.


Innovation is the fruit of the marriage of passion and boldness. It draws on the collective fusion of experience, talent and skills. It is the supreme manifestation of collaborative qualities within the enterprise, the company's capacity to communicate and its desire to constantly keep up-to-date its know-how and skills.

The different disciplines and various business lines of MAF RODA (electronics / IT, traceability, mechanical engineering, automation, electricity) function synergistically. A true innovative dynamic is present from design through to customer service, by way of the constant technical improvement of products and the optimisation of their manufacturing. Innovation is a vital key in the constant growth of MAF RODA.

To best meet the market requirements and offer solutions suited to the needs of its customers and partners, MAF RODA undertakes to develop new opportunities and new products, and conduct research into first-rate innovative systems.


In all the business lines and activities of MAF RODA, excellence represents an indispensable criterion in the know-how and professionalism of its teams. Approximation has no place in a mechanical system or in an optical detection tool for quality sorting. Excellence leads to quality management, and is intrinsically applied everywhere: to the precision of the calculations, to research into safety, to understanding the needs of customers, to process optimisation, and to producing optimum turnkey solutions.

The pursuit of this excellence has been etched, over the course of its history and its development, into the legacy and culture of MAF RODA. And this excellence has become inextricable from its image and its relations with its customers, partners and suppliers.


Commitment is a founding and perennial value of MAF RODA. It is at the heart of the company's history, and has been expressed since its earliest days in many ways, and in particular in its understanding of the needs and expectations of its customers. Commitment steers design, manufacturing and customer service, through respecting and exceeding the growing requirements linked to the fresh fruit and vegetables sector. Commitment also guides research developments, inspires healthy governance, and orientates the company's relations with its employees. This value is also manifested in employee profit-sharing, enabling the company to motivate its employees and create a dynamic of convergence between all stakeholders.

Commitment takes succour from the lasting satisfaction of MAF RODA customers around the world, and from our shared pride in our business lines and our sector of activity. Together, our employees seek daily to make a difference, so as to contribute to the success of our customers and partners, and to the success of our projects.