Our history

A family company with international dimensions

The involvement of the Blanc family in the fruit tree sector dates back to 1905, with the cultivation of orchards. This production experience, which lives on today with the growing of apples in orchards belonging to the family in the Montauban region, brings with its knowledge of the constraints faced by the fruit farmers, and by the same token strong added value in the daily activity of the company. Passion still drives the development of the company, and is the major asset underpinning its international success.

MAF FRANCE is the first company of the Group. Situated in the south-western production basin of France, MAF FRANCE began its grading machine business in 1962. In 1979, Philippe Blanc, a young graduate from the ENI Engineering School, Tarbes, joined up with a dozen or so fellow alumni in order to develop the mechanical systems of grading machines into electronic and automatic systems. Out of this team spirit would be born the first electronic graders.

In 1989, following the takeover of a competitor company operating in France, Italy, Spain and the USA, and a joint-venture agreement, the MAF RODA Group came into being.

A growth enterprise…

In late 2001, CEDIS MAF joins the Group. Situated in a strong fruit growing region in northern Spain, CEDIS MAF is based at Lerida and becomes a key ally in the expansion of MAF RODA.

In 2002, CVS (today MAF OCEANIA Pty Ltd), an Australian company specialising in fruit and vegetable grading and packaging systems, and optical systems, comes on board.

In order to meet the growing need for a local presence for its customers, and for the After-Sales Service, the MAF RODA Group consolidates its international status:

  • 2003: Creation of a representation office in China: MAF BEIJING OFFICE.
  • 2004: Creation of a subsidiary in Portugal: RODA PORTUGAL.
  • 2004: Creation of a subsidiary in New Zealand: LYNX HORT Ltd (today MAF NZ Ltd).
  • 2005: EQUIMAVI in Chile joins the Group.
  • 2006: Creation of MAF RODA MACHINERY YANTAI, new production site and head office of the China subsidiary.
  • 2008: Creation of MAF AGROBOTICA, new production site and head office of the Mexico subsidiary.
  • 2009: CROVARA in Cavaillon (France) joins the Group: a company specialising in the manufacturing of machines for the foodservice industry.
  • 2011: Creation of MAF RODA RSA in South Africa.
  • 2011: Installation of the head office in the current premises at Montauban (factory with 22,000 m² surface area).

MAF RODA continues today to be imbued with a strong family spirit. The fourth generation of industrialists: Stéphane, Thomas, Cyril, Fabrice and Christophe Blanc, the five sons of Philippe Blanc, all occupy strategic posts in the Group.