ALANAR FRUIT COMPANY has become the biggest volume fresh fig exporter in 2017 in Turkey.

"High quality and high quantity packing and export achievement is made thanks to use of “MAF RODA Fresh Fig Sizer”. ALANAR is able nowadays with this equipment to pack 1 million black figs every day during peak season. The dedicated customer service from MAF RODA and its Turkish representative Egemas allow to benefit from immediate solutions when needed.

They are as close as a telephone.

Global demand is increasing for Turkish products. We have increased our production by planting new trees in ALANAR orchards and purchasing more figs from growers. In order to answer this growth, we plan to order a double capacity MAF RODA sizer for year 2018.”


(on the right on picture, with Fabrice BLANC - MAF RODA AGROBOTIC Export Sales Director)