There is a tough competition on pomegranates in almost all markets and especially European market. Spain, Greece and recently Italy become our main competitors, we have to be able to serve the right size and quality of pomegranates on the market to be able to remain competitive in the face of the other players.


" We have been benefitting from the Pomegranate line which we bought from MAF RODA last year. First of all, the accuracy of weight sorting is very good, we are able to sort all sizes separately up to customer demands, and we can sort in average 7-8 tons/ hour without pressure. Our labor costs decreased on presorting and also for customer packing. We know exactly what size of pomegranates are in our stock and it really support us on developing our marketing strategies.
This year we sorted about 2 000 tons of pomegranates on this line, our purpose is to increase our sorting and packing capacity with respect to increasing sales volumes. We are planning to buy a second line next year or at the latest in 2019, double quantity.
We would like to add internal defect detector, cleaning line and automatic feeding on the new line.”

Hamdi TANER - General Manager

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