Citrus are fruits that require particular attention during handling, just as much as other, more delicate fruits. To meet the integrity constraints and ensure the quality of the citrus, MAF RODA AGROBOTIC has designed a panel of grading machines equipped with sensors for colour, diameter, internal & external defect inspection, sugar content and acidity rate.

Our grading and packaging solutions are suited to the many different varieties of citrus harvested with their different sizes, shapes and colours: from small fruits such as clementines, with or without leaves, or mandarins; through average-sized fruits such as oranges and lemons; to the biggest grapefruits.

Our range of equipment is sure to meet your needs:
  • bin or crate handling, empty or full, unit or stack,
  • treatment: brushing, waxing, drying tunnel, air blade drying, heat treatment,
  • grader: POMONE, HIGHWAY, INTEGRA, ONEWAY, FREEWAY, GENESIS, UNIWAY coming in various pitches: 88, 100, 120, 152
  • electronic sorting: sensors for colour, diameter, external defect, internal defect, sugar and acidity, soft fruit,
  • manual packaging: table, bank,
  • automated packaging: volume filling of crates, tray speed packer, pitufo speed packer, bagging, tipping bin filler, etc.
  • manual or automatic palletizing,
  • traceability and printing (pallet, package sheet, etc.)

Our grading and packaging solutions are suited to the many different varieties of citrus, with their different sizes, shapes and colours.

MAF RODA provides you with complete solutions for streamlining your packing process.

From the raw harvested produce through to delivery to your customers we are attentive to your needs, and we will supply you with our analysis, suggesting machines suited to your mode of operation and in compliance with the regulations.

Reliable and robust, our equipment benefits from after-sales support and services guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of your installations.

The key to the success of your project: your experience combined with our know-how.


Electronic sorting


External control :

  • diameter,
  • colour,
  • shape,...


Measurement system of sugar rate (BRIX index)


External control:

Rotness detection




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