Track of every load

HARRIS FRESH is one of the industry’s most trusted and reputable sources when it comes to onion and garlic. Harris Fresh Ranches of Huron California chose MAF’s 8 lane INTEGRA + GLOBALSCAN 6 Onion grading and sizing machine to automate the handling of the 2016 onion crop produced and sold at HARRIS FRESH.

HARRIS FRESH is a repeat customer of MAF as 4-5 years earlier the very first MAF garlic sizing and carton filling system was installed in an adjacent HARRIS FRESH facility. The ability to sort onions by a controlled rotation under the viewing cameras allowed for removal of onions with visual damages as well as onions with soft flesh areas of the onions surface that would not survive into a fresh pack application. MAF has brought the heavy duty carrier application that is used in the onion application to its manufacturing and assembly plant in California. The technology for looking at onions with greater internal diagnostics is expected to also being installed on this system for the 2017 operating season.

“We can track every load we ship from start to finish - one example of our dedication to food safety, reliability and innovation.”