Thanks to a 2 lanes INTEGRA sizer equipped with a GLOBALSCAN, Rockley Partner can pack lime, avocado, and mangoes. 

The INTEGRA with a pitch of 120 mm is ideal to grade fruit so different by shape and size. The infeed is characterized by a high pressure brusher, a fungicide treatment, a waxing machine and finally a dryer. It is a complete installation from bin Destacker to label printer. 

"Rockley Partners is very pleased with the quality of our MAF Machine, especially with the use of stainless steel, and the workmanship. The sizing and quality with the Globalscan system is very accurate and helps us push out a bigger volume and increase efficiency, with less staff than previous years. With our MAF system we were able to push out over double the volume of Hass Avocado trays in a single day, compared to our previous electronics grader. The automatic bin tipper is an excellent feature. The MAF installation team and support is absolutely awesome."

Jason Rockley - Director Rockley Partners