ALBICE is a producer that is located in Mequinenza, in the area of Bajo Cinca, Huesca. Major apricot grower, the company has a forecast to increase its production in the coming years up to 9,000 tons/year, thus becoming one of the most important growers in Europe with this product.

In 2019, ALBICE acquired a MAF RODA installation with a 8-Lane UNIWAY sizer with a pitch of 76 mm and 35 outlets with GLOBALSCAN 7.

According to Fabian NICOLAS, Manager of ALBICE, it has been a success to assemble this installation, since with the previous equipment he has, manually made without artificial vision system and the clothing constellations were very high.

With the new equipment which consists of automatic fillers and thanks to the GLOBALSCAN 7 quality sorting system with only 15/18 people they have been able to make up to 18,000 kg / h. Something that was totally unthinkable previously and has allowed them to reduce the clothing costs.

Another points that Fabian highlights of the new installation is that commercially they are now much more reactive when preparing their orders, thanks to their large production capacity, in an hour and a half they are able to make a trailer being able to commit to their customers and provide a faster and more efficient service.

« If we add to this the efficiency of GLOBALSCAN 7 to sort the quality of the product, which has allowed us to export to countries like France that wants the fruit to the point and Germany that the fruit has to be with a greater penetromy, this has allowed to provide to our customers their fruits as they required them, thus avoiding the issue of possible claims.
For this first year of operation with this new installation, more than 2,500 tons have passed through the machine and because of the results next year more than 60% of the production would be sorted through this new installation. »

Fabian NICOLAS - ALBICE Manager