Customer testimonials - Stone fruit

VALSOLEIL, a strong trust

VALSOLEIL - a versatile cooperative set up by the farmers to keep control of their productions, has equipped itself with a 6 lines POMONE IV with a GLOBALSCAN 6 and a SoftnesScan 2 electronic sorting systems in order to process to the packaging of Bergeron variety, the traditional apricot of the Drôme area.

VALSOLEIL (France) - Continuous crate discharger - Apricot

ARILFRUT, versatility and optimization combined

ARILFRUT, traditional and conservative business in Lleida, counted two graders until now, a 4 lines and a 6 lines.

GUIMERA, safest bet with MAF solution

GUIMERA has invested in a sorting line for small fruits of 28 to 70mm diameter, equipped with PLUMONE grader (working speed: 15 fruits/second per lane), using GLOBALSCAN 6 - the latest external quality sorting, and SoftnesScan -for internal quality control / soft fruits detection.


“After investing 6 years ago in a 4-lane POMONE sizer for our apricot grading, we decided to renew our peach and nectarine equipment to increase the capacity of our production and allow more reactivity."


“With a strong increased tonnage and to satisfy even more demanding customers, we decided to add a new machine to our station."


"We are a company specialized in peach production, with more than 30 years of experience as producers. Our fields are located in a true oasis in the altar desert, approximately 60 kilometers west of the city of Caborca, Sonora in Mexico."


"Facing to a tense stone fruits market, very short lead times imposed by our clients and for the sake of workforce optimization and costs' rationalization we needed to review completely our packing process."