After extensive search to build their brand new, state of the art Pre-Sorting, Packing & Storage facilities, BAMCO decided on MAF RODA full turnkey Technology.

This impressive new facility has already started production from the first phase of the installation with an 8 Lane POMONE Sizer equipped with the latest External Blemish Sorting system (GLOBALSCAN 6), Internal Defect sorting IDD4 & 3 Bin Fillers, feeding 3 dedicated multi-purpose Packing Lines complete with fully automated Palletising & Strapping Technology.

“3 Shareholders form the BAMCO company, situated in Ceres - South Africa. Donkerbos, Môrester and Bronaar are the 3 likeminded businesses that formed BAMCO more than 8 years ago. We started off investing in our own CA Storage facility in 2009 and have expanded to where we now can store approximately 17 000 tons of apples and pears under CA conditions.
Due to aggressive investments in apple and pear orchards we started off on a journey 5 years ago planning our own packing facility.
We travelled Europe extensively in order to research the best possible option for our needs. BAMCO produces approximately 25 000 tons of apples and due to this fact, we decided to put our energy in finding the best technology and equipment specifically designed for apple packing.
We visited the leaders in this field and after putting a lot of time, energy and effort into this, decided that we would like to work with MAF RODA from France. We experience them as the leaders in apple packing due to their constant efforts in changing technology and the highly professional team they are. BAMCO decided to invest in an 8 lane Pre-sorting facility, 3 dedicated packing lines and the most recent technology in palletising and strapping. This would be the first phase in our goal to pack approximately 50 000 tons of apples in the near future.
The equipment was installed during October/November 2017. BAMCO is looking forward to our new fruit harvesting season that will be in full swing from February 2018. We have full confidence in the technology and equipment installed by MAF RODA and are very excited to see the results we aim for.
Many thanks to Fabrice Blanc and his entire team - we are privileged to do business with you !”

Fanie van der Merwe -
Managing Director BRONAAR FARM (PTY) LTD