"MAF RODA has been part of our operation since 2013. We installed GLOBALSCAN 5, 4 lane sizer in a 6 lane frame, with weight sizing and 30 + 1 outlets. The only mistake we made was not doing 6 lanes from the start."

"We chose MAF RODA, at that stage there were a few we could go and have a look at close by, and we like what we saw.
There are many reasons to fall in love with this machine, my personal favorite one is the Machines ability to move volumes.
I don’t think there is another brand out there that can move 25 000 tons of citrus in a single season in our environment and packing schedule. And done only on 4 lanes!
Other things to like about the machine is the craftsmanship on this bad boy. We have had minimal to zero breakdowns in all our seasons so far, and time was something that we as CLB did not have in 2017.
Our volumes were way too much for this 4 lane sizer, but the MAF delivered fast, constant, perfect performance. Especially in 2017, when we needed it most.
Luckily we have the 6 lane frame, so we will be upgrading to 6 lanes for the 2018 season.
Adding 8 more outlets, extending the sizer with more than 10 meters, and best of all, installing the GLOBALSCAN 6.
It really is a machine of high quality craftsmanship, and very accurate grading capabilities.
If I have to choose again, I will go for MAF RODA every day of the week.”