Customer testimonials - Citrus

INDIGO FRUIT FARMING, state of the art packing line for the soft citrus expert in South Africa

South Africa
INDIGO FRUIT FARMING has deployed a brand new complete pack house with another turn-key project featuring 100% France & Spain built equipment from MAF RODA.

NONGFU SPRING, highly sophisticated automation processing

Since 2007, MAF RODA cooperates with NONGFU SPRING, a well-established company in the beverage industry in China.

PACK SOUSS, packing machines with high performances

“The Group DELASSUS has decided in 2014 to challenge its management team and partners: rebuilt completely the packing station of PACK SOUSS during the off-season by doubling the production capacity, to manage up to 40 Tons per hour of small fruits, and this on a plot of 14.600 m²..."

MAGRABI AGRICULTURAL COMPANY, advanced technology for serenity

MAFA, one of the most important citrus producers in Egypt, has decided to restructure his station of conditioning with an ultra-modern treatment, grading and packing orange line.

AMC SPAIN, quality evolution

"The AMC SPAIN group starts a new stage of transformation and development..."

SUNPACK, optimized and performing chain

Morocco is renowned to harvest amongst the tastiest citrus in the world.

GOGO FRUIT, to continue quality and fruit excellence

South Africa
GoGo Fruit is one of the most dynamic citrus fruit exporters in South Africa, with a totally integrated model from production, to packaging, control of the cold chain, transport and up to international marketing.


South Africa
Komati Fruit is a family owned enterprise and the biggest single independent producer/exporter of the best Citrus and Subtropical fruit in South Africa.


The small WA Wheatbelt town of Bindoon has long been renowned for citrus production but now also boasts a newly commissioned $7m fruit packing facility.
The joint venture seeks to alleviate the shortfall of packing capacity in the growing
regions north of Perth in Western Australia and enable fresh produce from across
the region to be exported to premium markets across the world.


In late 2016, in the heart of the main growing area of the famous “Corsican clementine”, MAF RODA has installed a ONEWAY 8 lane grader at AGRUCORSE‘s site in Folleli, located 30 kilometers south from Bastia.


MAFRODA has been part of our operation since 2013. We installed GLOBALSCAN 5, 4 lane sizer in a 6 lane frame, with weight sizing and 30 + 1 outlets. The only mistake we made was not doing 6 lanes from the start.


AGREEN used to sell its production to all the Egyptian exporters back in 2008, it decided to start exporting its production directly, constructing their very first packing house. To take that important step they trusted MAF RODA, which supplied two process lines with two electronic sizers HIGHWAY 8 lanes each. In 2012, continuing the strong relationship built with MAF RODA, a new packing house was supplied with another two complete lines, doubling up the processing capacity of AGREEN.


For more than 60 years the Castelló Naya family and oranges have been connected by taking advantage of opportunities offered by new technologies without forgetting the traditional methods of orange cultivation. At present the third generation is taking the company to its highest levels.


Located in the Argentinian Province of Tucumán, ARBOLAR SA is a new family business dedicated to citrus fruits packing and the sale of lemons.


This year 2017, we have completed the second phase of the project and the willingness of MAF RODA, to achieve the objectives, has been indisputable.