A big step forward to handling apples

As the main fruit station for apples in Serbia, DELTA AGRAR equipped itself with a pre-sizing system and with two lines of packaging designed and built up by MAF RODA of any last generation.

The water infeed pre-sizing is completely automatic. It has a capacity of a 10T / hour production and allows the customer to sort out apples by weight, diameter, shape, color and external quality with the latest generation of electronics: GLOBALSCAN 6 equipped with HD cameras.

The two versatile packaging lines assures to the customer the possibility of packing apples in all the main known packages (1 and 2 ranks trays, bulk boxes, tray packs,…) with a neat ergonomics of the workstations.

Finally, every so made parcels are automatically palletized and strapped with a follow-up thanks to the traceability system integrated into all the process.

“DELTA AGRAR is leading agricultural company in south Eastern Europe. In northern part of Serbia, we have established state of the art apples orchard on over 350 ha.

Following highest standards and results, implemented in orchard, in 2015 we have made excellent decision to buy presorting and packaging technology from MAF. Thanks to this turnkey solution, we made a big step forward in handling our apples. MAF technology is gentle, efficient and user friendly.
It is a pleasure to work with this equipment as well as with people from MAF. Now we are very satisfied with the best equipment in the world for presorting and packaging of apples.”

Aleksandar ZIVKOVIC -
Investment and Development Director, DELTA AGRAR