Jesús Gómez, Manager of FRUTAS Esther, a company with more than 70,000 tons of production of stone fruit, grape and strawberry, is very satisfied to have trusted again MAF RODA, with the acquisition of a new POMONE line including the new GLOBALSCAN 7 quality sorting system, for the processing of stone fruit.

« After many years trusting in the MAF RODA Group, once again, we implemented the new technologies that they present to us, for the preparation of
stone fruit, this year will be the 7th handling line of MAF RODA that we have acquired since our beginnings.

Our priority is to always offer the best quality with our products. To achieve this, all available human and material resources are used. In an increasingly demanding market and with its competitors increasingly technologically prepared, we are committed to implementing the latest technological advances in quality sorting, both external and internal, trusting as up to now in the MAF RODA Group and its new GLOBALSCAN 7 quality sorting system, with which we have increased performance and efficiency in terms of production and quality. »