Client equipped with 2 last generation POMONE sizers of respectively 10 and 6 lanes with our latest technology in electronics. Currently processing 35 tons/h of clementines with selection for diameter, color, weight, density, quality, rotting and leaving sizer ready for detection of brix and acidity.

The client points out as strong assets of his investment thanks to the great consistency of the machine in terms of selection criteria, simplicity of handling and great savings of labor since the upstream sorting to the sizer  are now just use for quick control.

Clementines with leaves

ONEWAY 112 path sizer with 2 lanes processing capacity of 3 tons/h for clementine with leaf. Selecting the fruit by weight and making alternative outlets to the exit to different hoppers filling baskets. Ideal system to make profitable the work of baskets and to give exit to complicated sizes.
Outlets are connected to flow pack lines to perform the entire process automatically.