GRAAFF FRUIT PACKING, one of the best Producers of top quality stone fruit, pome Fruit, table grapes and vegetables situated in the heart of the well-known Ceres Valley in the Western Cape – South Africa, reaffirm the success of their decision taken 3 years earlier to invest with the MAF RODA GROUP.

The investment consists of a complete commit to pack versatile packing line fed from 1 Wet and another Dry Bin Tipping infeed systems onto a common 4 Lane POMONE sizer with 32 outlets, handling an average of 10 Tons/hour across the various commodities and varieties of their fruit production.

“GRAAFF FRUIT, has built up a strong relationship with MAF RODA in the past few years with the purchase of our completely new packing line equipped with a 4 Lane POMONE sizer.
We are very happy with the decision to invest with MAF RODA. The service and backup has been excellent.
The versatility to be able to pack apricot, peach, nectarine, pears and apples on the same pack line makes it a very efficient. Our productivity has improved, the result being that we no longer have to have a night shift - So a big thank you to the MAF family.”