Founded in 1969, GULLINO grows apples, kiwis and other products such as peaches, nectarines and plums. MAF RODA provides to this Italian based company a pre-sizing/ grading POMONE 4 lines connected to 30 flumes and packing installation

“The Maf Group is the ideal partner for realizing great dreams in the fruit and vegetable world. A company with great personality that is able to create tailor-made projects and always reveals timely and attentive to new technologies and also to market movements. With this collaboration we are building our future month after month, and we are continually supported by a passionate and competent staff.”

Giovanni GULLINO - General Manager and Purchase Manager (on the left side on the picture)

After a first investment realized in 2017, GULLINO has decided to strengthen his collaboration with MAF RODA investing in two new packing lines. GULLINO has used the expertise of the world leader in sorting and packing machines to equip itself with two completely versatile lines. These lines are fully equipped with washing, waxing, drying and automatic packing equipment. A fast and gentle transfer robot through the emptying of the pans in water and a complete palletizing and strapping system complete this powerful installation.