The company “La Chipranesca” is the largest fruit cooperative in the Lower Aragón area and has the most diversity of products, peaches, nectarines, Paraguayans, apricots, pears, cherries, plums, etc.
This year they have mounted a 3-Lane UNIWAY sizer with a pitch of 100mm and 11 outlets with the Globalscan 7.

The acquisition of this new machine has led to a considerable increase in production since they had a 4-Lane cup gauge. Now they have come to make up to 7,000 kg/h with paraguayo peaches, one of the reasons why they changed the machine, consolidating the Uniway P-100 calibrator as an optimal tool to work this type of irregular fruit also have passed pear and the results have been satisfactory. If we add to all this that apricots, peaches and nectarines have also passed, the UNIWAY sizer, it becomes a very versatile calibrator capable of satisfying the needs of most demanding customers.

« The fact of having a short feed allows to install it in confined spaces and a recycling system with lateral canvases tgives a lot of versatility to work several items and these are not damaged in a possible return by a possible doubles.

It has been a shame not to have more space to put more outlets since seeing the efficiency of the Globalscan 7 with more outlets we would have been to sort more qualities. Anyway, we are satisfied with the results of the
new installation, it has been a success. »

Francis NEGRO - Manager