Automatic robot packing line

NOVACOOP is confronted with labor problems. In addition, conditioning tasks are repetitive and are at the center of main concerns regarding musculoskeletal disorders. Finally, the deadlines that are given to NOVACOOP by the customers are each year a little shorter.

«Faced with these problems, MAF allowed us to find solutions.

Already equipped with two recent monocalibre lines and equipped with automated machines, we decided to invest in a LINE PACK. This packaging line, equipped with “robots”, allows not only to position the apples in the cells, but also to work the positioning of the color of the fruit. To be able to work on the qualitative, we have added a GLOBALSCAN 7 quality sorting system to be able to better adapt the choice of packaging to the specifications of the customer. Operating at the latest the selection of the product (outside industry) allows the best use of the lots to be packaged.

This automated and innovative MAF line allows us to work from the bushel as well as from the 2-row or 1-row platform, being understood that the most profitable format is the one row shelf.

This technical solution installed by MAF, which naturally accompanied us in its implementation, allowed us to improve our productivity, without reducing the quality of packaging, and on the contrary, by bringing regularity.»

Cédric MANGIN - Director