« Our family structure is equipped with a 2-lane POMONE II sizer of 2004, which we added a MAF depalletizer in 2010.

Always listening to new developments, we have been thinking for 2 years to invest in a quality sorting system for peaches and nectarines. We made inquiries, visited France and Spain and designed improvements to our packaging line in collaboration with MAF. In spring 2019, we installed the first GLOBALSCAN 
7 peach / nectarine from France, combined with a double rapid-pack to pack the trays. The strength of MAF has been to propose us custom modifications even on a machine aged of 15 years, and to support us during the season on this first quality sorting Globalscan 7 peach / nectarines in France. »

Julien PELISSIER – Co Owner

There are many benefits to these changes:
• The fruits are sorted automatically by the machine, the same way from morning to evening,
• Rapid pack outputs are only fed with premium quality fruit, which allows us to achieve unprecedented levels of performance so far,
• The soft or soft-point fruits are spread automatically, whereas even manually it is sometimes difficult to detect,
• The quality of packages made is constant over the weeks.