Located in Qld’s premier citrus growing region, Quebec Citrus mantra is “consistent quality”. MAF Oceania enabled a long term vision to become reality by providing a customised turnkey package to fit their existing structure.

Brand “QT Citrus” is one of the largest producers of murcott type mandarins in Australia. MAF Globalscan6 sorting equipment ensures that customers can rely on the uniformity of product, regardless of grade or variety from a “commit to pack” model.

"Our goal was to design a machine that enabled maximum flexibility to accommodate any pack type for any market, whilst keeping in mind the importance of minimising high labour costs. MAF delivered on this by incorporating custom features such as reversible belts, two way carton lines, 51 auto carton fillers and a re-tip option. The design ensured best safe work practises by focusing high forklift traffic areas to one point. We were very impressed with the high quality of materials used and self-cleaning features to keep maintenance to a minimum. The custom integration of outlet printers into the MAF Database adds another facet to the overall functionality of the plant. After sales assistance is always readily available and we look forward to a long term relationship with MAF Oceania."

Ainsley Emmerton -
 Quebec Citrus' Director