In order to increase its calibration and sorting capacity in kiwifruit, SCAAP KIWIFRUITS DE France has decided to set up a new calibration tool, adapted to current technical and commercial requirements.

The operation undertaken in the summer of 2019 was to change the entire grading part as well as its electronic system while maintaining the upstream and downstream devices in place. A brand new 8-lane POMONE 4 power supply was installed with GLOBALSCAN 6 quality sorting system, as well as the moving part of the linear meter of the grader (chains, guides, hand, rails, electromagnets ...).

« Thanks to the know-how of its technicians and to the efficiency of their design office, MAF offered us an interesting technical and economic solution allowing us to carry out this renovation operation in time to apprehend in the best conditions the pre-sizing phase of the 2019/2020 season. »

Patrick PIQUIN - Director