Following the new organization of the «GOLDEN DU LIMOUSIN» trade, SICA DU ROSEIX had to undertake modification in its fruit station in order to respond effectively to a significant increase in its tonnage.

« After having renovated the grader body last year (6-Lane POMONE 4 sizer), we undertook this year to:

  • Modernize our output of emptied paloxes,
  • Add packing tables,
  • Review the entire palletization area.

The objective was to make the installations more reliable, to rationalize the drivers’ movements and to most automate the palletization. We decided to trust our partner MAF AGROBOTIC in the realization of these large-scale works.

The custom design of the equipment installed, the reliability of the machines as well as the understanding of our problems were the engines of our choice to work again with this partner. »

Pierre-François MARTIN - Director