Impressive achievements

South Africa
STELLENPAK LTD is one of the biggest commercial plums and soft citrus packing facilities in the western cape “benefit from better productivity”.

“STELLENPAK provides a fresh fruit export packing and cooling service to approximately 100 deciduous & citrus producers in the Boland region of South Africa. Plums and soft citrus are the main fruits which we handle. We have always used multi-purpose packing lines with weight sizing to pack the fruit.

During the last few seasons we have been handling increasing volumes of apples and sensitive pear cultivars. We have been battling to handle these products on our existing packing lines. Bruising on the apples and rub-marks on the Abate Fetel and Golden Russet pears have been a major problem. It was important for us to get the line up and running before the start of the next season. MAF RODA was able to provide us with a turnkey solution in the form of a four lane POMONE IV sizer with GLOBALSCAN 6 on ORPHEA V software. Our order was placed in June 2015 and we packed our first apples on the packing line in January 2016. Once the line was installed, the commissioning process only took a few days and by the third day we were already packing sizeable volumes. We have found the sizing to be extremely accurate. Defect sorting on apples is good with easy identification of all defects including bruising.

Although the line was not designed specifically to handle rub sensitive Abate Fetel and Golden Russet Bosc pears we have been very impressed with the results which were achieved. Our clients are reaping the benefit of having better quality fruit arriving in the overseas market. Stellenpak is benefiti ng from better productivity. Thank you MAF RODA for a job well done. Thank you to your staff who worked long hours during the Christmas Holidays to install the equipment.”

General Manager STELLENPAK