A strong trust

VALSOLEIL - a versatile cooperative set up by the farmers to keep control of their productions, has equipped itself with a 6 lines POMONE IV with a GLOBALSCAN 6 and a SoftnesScan 2 electronic sorting systems in order to process to the packaging of Bergeron variety, the traditional apricot of the Drôme area.

Bergeron, symbolic variety of their terroir, the Drôme des Collines, remains the reference for this kind of fruit production. Their season is from the mid-June to end of August and with its 4 000 tons of apricots collected every year, VALSOLEIL is able to regularly supply important batches of fruits with very good quality and correct sizes!

“Thanks to this investment, we have sorted and graded this season all the delivered production of the fruit growers, even the most hailed of it, a hand-sorting would have been impossible to do!”

“For some very affected batches, we have been able to extract the entire 1st category for the benefit of all producers.”

Xavier BLOT - VALSOLEIL General Manager (left side)