The packing house from Philippe van Haelst, pear grower in Belgium, is unique. The BI-AXONE is the most innovative design and guarantees a 100% view of the pear.

With a pear in his hand, Philippe VAN HAELST explains: « Like this, the pear looks perfect. But if you turn it around, you see a rotten spot, for example. Of course you don’t want that in a carton. However, the problem is that pears are difficult to automaticaly turn. »

Getting the pear out of the bin is a standard process. The innovation start at the entry of the sorting machine. The pears are seperated step by step so that all the pears are lengthwise. Once on the special finger carrier, the top side will be analyzed, then by an ingenious design, the pear is laid over and now the bottom side is up and the second top side will be analyzed. Due to this innovative design also the internal quality control with the IDD4 is guaranteed. Once at the exit, the packer takes the pear and places in in the carton.

« With this machine I can always guarantee the quality of my pears. Because
with other sorters you do not have the guarantee that you have seen all sides
of the pear. In addition, the machine ensures uniformity in the company. Because who actually determines when a pear is too crooked? The machine will always judge this in the same way. In this way I save more than 30% of my labor costs because the employees only have to put the pears in the crate. Yet it is primarily an investment in quality. I’m sure the pears in my crates don’t contain rotten spots. »

Philippe VAN HAELST – Owner