Trust in MAF sorting and packing solution for cherries

The well-know apple cooperative, located in Val Venosta (South Tyrol, Italy) trusted the high technology of MAF RODA for sorting and packing its cherries.

MAF RODA installed in 2016 a complete process line for cherries inside the ALPE Cooperative (member of VI.P). The plant is composed by a hydrocooler (able to cool up to 3 pallets of cherries at the same time), a Cherryway sizer 6 lanes equipped with the latest electronics generation GLOBALSCAN 6 Cherry. This electronics device is the heart of the installation, giving guarantee of continuity and accuracy for diameter, colour, external quality and internal quality (soft cherry).

Additionally, MAF RODA has installed different solutions of packing for cartons and punnets (from 250g to 1kg). One of these solutions is based on automatic punnet filler controlling the weight of each single punnet. This will allows for sure to reduce greatly the cost of production of cherries.